Company Profile

GGT was founded in Hamburg on 20.08.1977.

The founders of the company gained a wide range of experience and knowledge through close contacts in the international market, especially in England and the USA. These connections were established during the sixties and have grown and prospered to the present day.

Based on this knowledge and experience, the company commenced with the development and manufacture of tailormade instruments and materials for the heat treatment process.

Easy maintenance, simple operation and competitive prices are the criteria of our decisions.

GGT products fulfil all known heat treatment requirements. Innovative and fresh ideas for further development of heat treatment equipment are created by both the applicant and our service teams. GGT offers a professional, organised heat treatment service, which is available at short notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GGT offers heat treatment not only through the electrical resistant method but also by high velocity gas burners.